Beauty Trends For 2018

The Best Beauty Trends at HUSH Hair Salon in Birmingham

Get the latest looks and beauty innovations at your favourite Birmingham hair slaon. Whether it’s anor some eyelash extensions, our beauty salon has some of the best treatments for men and women in Birmingham.  Now check out some of these top trends for 2018 before booking in for your next service. 

Beauty Trend #1:  Long Lashes

beauty trends 2018 at Hush Hair Salon in BirminghamWe can give you fuller, longer, enhanced lashes with eyelash extensions at HUSH Hair Salon in Birmingham.  Your lash extensions will be carefully applied one at a time onto your natural eyelash to give you the look you’re after.  

Our beauty therapist can create natural looks and dramatic looks.  Your lash extensions can last, with care, for up to three weeks and we can remove them in the salon.   We also offer a lash tint service with your lash extensions treatment – or you can go ahead with a simple eyelash tint without the externsionsl.

Check our our lash services here.

Beauty Trend #2: Defined Eyebrows

beauty trends 2018 at Hush Hair Salon in BirminghamYour eyebrows frame your face so why put up with sparse, light or grey lashes when we have some brilliant brow services for you? 

A firm favourite is our High Impact Eyebrows service.  We can give you great eyebrows which are well groomed and perfectly defined.  During your appointment your brows will be perfectly shaped, arched and tinted to suit your face shape and colouring.  If you have sparse eyebrows, we can also help with a re-growth programme to give you the perfect brows you’ve been dreaming of!

Find out more about our eyebrow services here. 

Beauty Trend #3: Long-Lasting Nails

beauty trends 2018 at Hush Hair Salon in BirminghamAsk any of our clients and we’re pretty confident they’ll tell you HUSH beauty salon offers the best nail services in Birmingham!

Bitten nails and chipped nail varnish can ruin your look so why not add a long-lasting CND Shellac nail service to your manicure or pedicure for just £7 extra? 

CND Shellac is a revolutionary colour system for nails which gives you 14-day wear, non chip, non smudge, zero dry time, high gloss mirror finish for your nails.  Often mistaken for a gel polish, CND Shellac has similar qualities and is known as a power polish.  CND Shellac is also hypo-allergenic and free from formaldehyde, toluene and DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate).

For a more natural look, try the French Finish with either a nail polish or gel. This white-tipped nail look is priced at just £5 on top of your manicure or pedicure price.

Our nail extensions are ideal if you require instant extra length. We use a porous gel for our nail extensions because this allows your natural nail to breathe, promoting a healthier growth.  

Check out our nail services here.

Beauty Trend #4:  Red Lips & a Touch of Lip Gloss

beauty trends 2018 at Hush Hair Salon in BirminghamRed lips have always been a popular look and are brilliant for parties!  One of the key trends for 2018 is to add a layer or two of red lipstick to your lips and top it up with a slick of gloss. 

If your red colour needs more intensity, try adding some black eyeliner into the colour.  Mix it together on the back of your hand until you find a colour that suits your skin tone!  Worth a try!!!  




Beauty Trend #5:  Flawless Skin

beauty trends 2018 at Hush Hair Salon in BirminghamWe all have imperfections when it comes to our skin, so it’s worth investing in a monthly facial at HUSH Hair Salon if you want to begin your journey towards healthy looking skin. 

We offer the best Decleor facials to help you with your every skin need.  We can deliver instant, visible and long-lasting beauty results and you will leave our Birmingham beauty salon feeling refreshed and relaxed.  

A favourite with clients is the Decleor Collagen Plump & Lift Facial where an indulgent collagen-rich mask infuses the complexion with skin-plumping nutrients.  The skin’s natural renewal process is kick-started for firmer radiant skin.

Or why not try the Decleor Vital Eyes treatment to put the sparkle into your peepers?! Featuring restoring and intensely hydrating eye masks, this targeted treatment fights fatigue, quenches moisture loss and helps erase the appearance of wrinkles for a sparkling. rested eye zone.

Find out more about our Facials here.

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