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We offer a wide range of Dermalogica face treatments that are prescribed to treat your skin’s needs from anti-ageing facials to zone specific treatments for skin that is prone to acne or pigmentation.  Your beauty therapist will analyse your skin before suggesting the correct treatment.  You may find that a course of treatments is ideal for your needs and we are delighted to offer a Buy 4 Get 1 Free on our Dermalogica Facials.

Did you know?  We also offer Decleor facials.  Find out about our range of Decleor facials here.


Dermalogica Express Facial – 30 minutes

The Dermalogica Express Facial provides a quick boost for all those who are on the go. A power cleanse and a prescribed exfoliation give a smooth, polished complexion. A customised masque finalised by a refreshing toner and moisturiser will leave your skin feeling re-energised. Minimum time, maximum results.

Dermalogica Prescription Facial – 45 minutes

The Dermalogica Prescription Facial aims to combat your specific skin concerns and treats the conditions of your skin at present as well as intending to prevent any other possible conditions that could arise. Relax and enjoy a deep cleansing and customised exfoliation as we reveal a soft, radiant complexion.  Specialist techniques are used to extract congestion. Whilst your customised mask is taking effect,unwind with an uplifting scalp massage. Finish with a moisturiser to help protect and restore your skin to its natural balance.

Dermalogica Deluxe Facial – 60 minutes

Relax and enjoy a customised facial that aims to combat personal skin concerns as the therapist focuses on each zone of the skin. The skin is gently warmed through a steam treatment allowing for deeper penetration as therapist deeply cleanses and exfoliates your skin, providing a glowing complexion. Relaxing the mind and soul with a face, neck and shoulder massage, feel pampered as a blend of essential oils is smoothly pushed into your skin. As your customised masque takes affect, enjoy an invigorating scalp massage. This treatment is finished with a refreshing toner and nourishing moisturiser.

Dermalogica Power Regeneration Facial – 75 minutes

The Dermalogica Power Regeneration Facial includes a full facial massage, scalp massage and multi-vitamin mask.  It is perfect to boost mature skin or to combat ageing. Laced with vitamins, the structure of the skin will be normalised as power exfoliants stimulate collagen production. Enzymes will help to remove dead skin cells, giving you radiance as well as super soft skin. Hydroxy acids help with a wide range of concerns such as reducing fine lines and wrinkles, stimulating cell renewal, aiding the repair of sun damaged skin as well as giving an even skin tone and helping with deeper absorption of moisturisation.


Dermalogica BioSurface Peel – 60 minutes

Anti Ageing & Acne Treatments, Birmingham beauty salonExperience the power of the Dermalogica BioSurface™ Peel, a powerful new skin resurfacing system that helps reduce acne, pigmentation and signs of premature ageing to reveal smoother, brighter and softer skin.

Chemical peels are one of the most popular professional skin care services today because they can improve the quality, texture and colour of your skin. But they can also produce severe side effects such as inflammation, discoloration and scarring for up to several months.

With BioSurface Peel, you can get the same powerful results without the associated risks or downtime. In fact, your skin will look and feel healthier than ever!

It is designed to work with the skin’s chemistry, not against it. It safely removes dull outer layers of skin and helps the skin underneath regenerate for a smooth, radiant complexion. In general, BioSurface Peel can be tailored to address:

  • Skin roughness
  • Signs of photodamage
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne breakouts
  • Skin congestion
  • Some forms of hyperpigmentation and unbalanced skin tone.

Clients typically notice dramatically improved skin quality, texture and tone within three treatments. Ideally, a series of three treatments are performed over a six to twelve week period, followed by maintenance treatments twice a year.

This treatment costs £75 per session including home care worth £20 on first treatment.  A free home care kit is offered with every treatment when you purchase a course of three or six treatments.

Please note:  A skin test and consultation is required 48 hours prior to your treatment. A £20 charge is applicable to the consultation which is redeemable against your first treatment.

Dermalogica Active Resurface 35 – 30-45 minutes

Anti Ageing & Acne Treatments, Birmingham beauty salonAn advanced resurfacing treatment, the Dermalogica Active Resurface 35 features a cocktail of advanced cosmeceutical ingredients. The treatment is completely customised to your skin’s requirements, providing intense resurfacing to stimulate cell renewal and cell turnover whilst helping to treat some of the most prevalent skin concerns (pigmentation, dehydration and congestion).

Exfoliation is one of the most effective treatments for addressing major skin concerns. With maturity, our skin’s natural desquamation process slows, causing a build-up of dead cells on the skin’s surface. This decrease in cell turnover is also accompanied by a slowdown in the cell renewal rate. So, therefore, is perfect for signs of ageing and prevention.

A unique benefit of the Active Resurface 35 treatment is the lack of inflammation, tissue damage and peeling generally associated with intense resurfacing treatments. As a result, an interval of only one week is all that is necessary between appointments when undertaking a six-course treatment plan.


Dermalogica MicroZone Treatments

When your skin needs a time-out but you have little time to spare, a Dermalogica MicroZone® treatment is the ultimate solution. These cost-effective, 30-minute treatments allow our trained therapists to address your top skin concern. A quick fix for troubled skin!  Choose from one of the following MicroZone treatments:

Flash Exfoliation

Resurface, smooth and brighten dull, lacklustre skin.

Eye Relief

Revive tired eyes! Brighten and tighten, minimise puffiness and dark circles while smoothing visible lines.

Lip Renewal

Soothe, condition and restore lips while softening fine lines for the ultimate lip service.

Age Management

Repair, revitalise and fight signs of ageing with this supreme treatment for ageing skin.

Moisture Boost

Rehydrate and replenish dry, thirsty skin with this intense moisture quench for your face!

Blackhead Relief

Deep clean and purify oily skin to clear congestion, blackheads and banish breakouts.

Rapid Spot Cleaning

Speed up repair and clearing of breakouts with this powerful treatment.

Oil Control

Control oil and deep clean with this purifying, texture smoothing treatment.

Skin Soothing

This treatment delivers cooling, soothing relief to sensitive and irritated skin.


FACE TREATMENTS Therapist Senior Therapist
Aromatherapy Discovery Facial (30 mins) £31 £34
Collagen Plump and Lift (75 mins) £70 £75
Prescriptive Performance Facial (75 mins) £70 £75
Vital Eyes (45 mins) £31 £34
Orexcellence Facial Pilates (75 mins) £70 £75
Recharge Vitamin Glow (60 mins) £60 £67
Please note:
During September 2017 we’re offering all our clients 10% OFF a Decléor facial. Simply mention the 10% discount when booking in for your treatment. Call 0121 634 3232 to book.
Facial courses are available.  Buy 4 get 1 free.
Dermalogica Express Facial (30 minutes) £26 £29
Dermalogica Prescription Facial (45 minutes) £46 £51
Dermalogica Active Resurface 35 (30-45 minutes) £61 £61
Dermalogica Deluxe Facial (60 minutes) £56 £62
Dermalogica Power Regeneration Facial (75 minutes) £61 £67
Dermalogica BioSurface Peel  (60 minutes) £75  
Price includes home care worth £20 on first treatment.
Free home care kit with every treatment when purchased as a course of 3 or 6.
Skin test and consultation is required 48 hours prior to your treatment. A £20 charge applies for your consultation which is redeemable against your first treatment.
Flash Exfoliation (20 minutes) £25  
Eye Relief (20 minutes) £25  
Lip Renewal (20 minutes) £25  
Age Management (20 minutes) £25  
Moisture Boost (20 minutes) £25  
Blackhead Relief (20 minutes) £25  
Rapid Spot Cleaning (20 minutes) £25  
Oil Control (20 minutes) £25  
Skin Soothing (20 minutes)  £25