Now Available! NEW L’Oreal Plant-Based Hair Colour

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New L’Oreal Botenea Natural Hair Colour Range at HUSH Hair Salon, Birmingham

It’s time to get excited because the new L’Oréal BOTANÉA Herbal Hair Colours are now available at HUSH Hair salon in Birmingham. 

If you’re new year’s resolution is to be kinder to your skin, body and hair in 2019 – then this is the range for you!

BOTANÉA Hair Colour is new 100% plant-based, ammonia-free hair dye composed of 3 herbal ingredients that offers long lasting hair colour that can be tailored to each individual client. 

HUSH: Plant-Based, Natural Hair Colour Salon in Birmingham

Traditionally, plant-based professional hair care has been limited by colour choices and intensity. Not any more!

Your skilled HUSH Hair colourist has the ability to create an infinite palette of shades to suit you including copper or brunette hair colours – they can even cover up unwanted grey or white hair. 

Plus, Botanea is less harsh on the hair and scalp than conventional colourants, and the coconut oil coating soothes the typically uncomfortable application process.

Natural L’Oreal Hair Colour – How Does It Work?

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Rigorously selected to ensure that they meet both colour performance and responsible sourcing criteria, these three plants are at the heart of the first 100% herbal hair colour from L’Oreal Professionnel;

  • Cassia: Grown in several regions of India, it was selected by L’Oréal Research to be used by colourists as an adjuster and luminizer 3
  • Henna: Its leaves release warm copper colours ideal for preparing blonde, copper of brown shades 
  • Indigo: Its leaves contain colour that deliver colour results varying from blue to purple, ideal to brown or dark bases, in combination with henna.

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