Men’s Hair

Gents’ Hair Cuts, Styles & Colours at HUSH Hair in Birmingham

men's hair cuts, Birmingham hair salon We offer the latest trends in men’s cuts and styles in the comfort of our award-winning hair salon in Birmingham.

Our focus is on creating a bespoke men’s hairdressing service for you so we will always take the time to listen to our clients and can advise you on hairstyles that would suit you.  We can create a wide range of gents’ hair cuts including classic cuts and using clipper techniques such as fading, tapering and blending.

If you’re a ‘wash and wear’ kind of guy or fancy a hair cut you can restyle every now and then, we can help you find the right style to keep your hair looking great long after you’ve left HUSH Hair.

We’ve also seen an increase in men colouring their hair so please talk to your stylist of hair colour expert if you want to try a hint of colour, a complete colour transformation or you want to blend or cover grey hair.

Check out our men’s hair ideas below  before giving us a call on 0121 634 3232 to book your gents’ hair cut.  See you soon!

Please note:  A patch test is required 48 hours before all colour services to ensure there are no allergies. All colour services must be finished by blow dry or cut and finish.

Quiffed Hairstyles with Fades For Men

The quiff remains on-trend and a popular hairstyle for men.  The quiff is usually worn with a skin fade where the hair ‘fades’ from slightly longer to very short or even shaved or clippered around the sides and back.  You can make the quiff as dramatic as you want, depending on your sense of style.

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Disconnected Undercut Hair Styles For Gents

Ask for a disconnected undercut and your stylist will either shave or cut the sides of your hair so it looks very short.  There will then be a ‘disconnect’ or noticeable conrast between the longer hair on top and the sides.  You can then wear your longer hair in a quiff, slicked back or spiked up for different looks.

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Curly Hair Styles For Men

Embrace your curly hair and get a great hair cut that makes the most of your waves. We can get your curly hair under control by adding layers or cutting it shorter – the idea is to work with your natural curl to give you a hair style that looks great and is manageable.  Why not pair your curls with an undercut or a skin fade for an on-trend men’s hair look?

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GENTS CUT & COLOUR Salon Director Artistic Director Creative Stylist Stylist Graduate Stylist
Cut & Finish £42 £38 £35 £30 £30
Men's Tipping from £30 from £30 from £30 from £38 -
Men's Flash Colour from £30 from £30 from £30 from £38 -
Men's Camo Blend from £30 from £30 from £30 from £38 -
Men's Grey Coverage from £30 from £30 from £30 from £38 -
A patch test is required 48 hours before all colour services to ensure there are no allergies.
All colour services must be finished by a blow dry or cut & finish.