10 Things You Can Do With Disposable Mascara Wands


There’s a use for every makeup tool and probably none more versatile than the spoolie brush, AKA the mascara wand. In this case, since you can’t very well just use the one in your tube of mascara to groom your brows, disposables comes in handy. These baby pine trees can do a lot more than just distribute tar on your eyelashes. Here are some uses we are all about:


1. Eyebrow Groomers (obviously). You can brush out your penciled/powdered-in brows to soften the look.

2. Root Touch-ups. Anyone who’s got roots to chase with hair dye knows the painstaking process of tackling them at home (we salute you, brave ones). These little disposable brushes are perfect for honing in on where bleach or color needs to go on your roots and not on the rest of your hair.

3. Removing Cuticles. Now, we’ve probably told you more than once that cutting your cuticles is a BAD idea. You can, however, minimize their appearance with some handy cuticle-remover and a spoolie brush. Just squirt some remover on your cuticles and rub in. Let them marinate for a minute and then get to scrubbing. The little brushes are gentle, but they get the job done.

4. Locking Down Fly-aways. When you have an elaborate (especially those elaborately undone) hairstyle, the last thing you want to do is use a hammer when you really need a wrench. That’s where the spoolie brush comes in. If you want to slick back a select few hairs, just spray with hairspray and brush them down without disturbing the rest of your hair.

5. Editing Your Mascara. Your mascara giveth and the spoolie brush taketh away. If you want to get your lashes just right, use the “blank” mascara brush to essentially undo any clumps or weird stuck-together lashes after your first coat while it hasn’t dried yet.

6. Nail Grooming. Sometimes picking the dirt out from under your finger nails is like nails on a chalkboard if you do it with an orange stick or toothpick. Using a spoolie brush like a toothbrush for your nails does the trick much more gently. No risk of possibly stabbing yourself in the nail bed.

7. Lip Exfoliator. This is a great way to get rid of flaky lips. Just apply lip balm and scrub away with a spoolie brush to gently smooth and apply that balm all over.

8. Household Cleaning. Any small crevice where dust and gunk settles, a spoolie brush can handle. Between your keyboard, cleaning jewelry, clearing the lint catcher in your blow-dryer, even the little oxygenating vent in your faucet tap where the water passes through and gunk can build up (let the floodgates open!).

9. Applying Lash/Brow Treatments. A lot of people swear that conditioning lashes and brows with castor oil daily will condition them and help them grow longer and thicker. If you have a dedicated bottle of the stuff, a spoolie brush is the choice tool for application. It’s also great for applying a bit of baby powder to lashes before mascara to give them way more oomph and volume.

10. Nail Art. Sounds weird, but nail art, as abstract as it can get, can definitely look cool with some scrubbed texture or perhaps some contoured striping if you dip the brush lightly in nail polish and roll it across your nail. No art skills required.
Source: https://stylecaster.com/

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