Are you longing for silky, shiny, healthy hair?  

Say goodbye to frizzy, unmanageable, dry hair with the amazing Nanokeratin Hair Smoothing Treatment.

We can transform frizzy hair into sleek smooth locks and give you hair that shines!

Read on to learn how it works, how long it lasts, the costs and what to do next.

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How does it work?
The Nanokeratin hair treatment uses a micro molecular formula that penetrates deep into the hair follicles. Your hair will be protected against humidity and other harmful environmental toxins and influences.

The formula includes vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and essential oils that protect and nourish your hair leaving it healthy, strong, shiny, silky and smooth. The nanokeratin nourishing process gives smoother, shinier and more manageable hair. And, unlike the Brazilian blow-dry, it has NO Formaldehyde or Aldehyde and no chemical gases.  This means that neither you nor your stylist are exposed to the health risks.

Is it suitable for ALL hair types?
Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatments are suitable for men and women and work well on all hair types.   So if your hair is dry, weak, coloured or natural and in need of some TLC,  come and talk to us about how we can transform your hair. The Keratin treatment also works exceptionally well on Asian and Afro hair.


How long does it last?
This revolutionary hair styling treatment will last for between three and six months which will vary by client and hair type. Your hair will look and feel healthier and become easier to style.

How much does the smoothing treatment cost?
The Nanokeratin Pure Treatment costs from £200 per treatment.

What is the next step?
Add your info below to express your interest. We can then book you in for a free consultation which will involve a no-obligation chat about how it works. We can also look at your hair and explain the incredible difference the treatment can make.

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