Privacy Lounge…Coming Soon

Private Hairdressing Lounge for Female Muslim Customers at Hush Hair Salon in Birmingham

private lounge for muslim women, hush hair salon, birminghamWe will soon be able to offer a private hairdressing lounge for clients who require privacy during their hair service.

This service is aimed at Muslim women who wear a head scarf (hijab) and other clients who require privacy during their hair services. 

Muslim women who wear hijabs often find it challenging when they want a hair cut because they can only remove their hijabs around women or men in their immediate families.  That means they cannot have a male stylist and they need to feel confident that no men will walk in while they are having their hair cut.

Our private lounge will help our female Muslim clients feel secure and have privacy when they are having their hair done. It will be staffed by female stylists and available for use during salon opening hours.

There will be six hairdressing stations and a backwash area and our guests will be welcome to bring guests into the private area.

We always make every attempt to accommodate our clients’ requirement to please do come and talk to the Hush Hair & Beauty team if you have any areas you feel we could improve upon.

Watch this space for more information, including a more precise timescale for the opening of this new hairdressing area at Hush Hair & Beauty Salon in Birmingham.