8 Things That Make Your Nail Polish Wear Off too Soon

shellac-rockstarIf you constantly find yourself saying “I just painted my nails yesterday, how are they already chipped?” then you’ve come to the right place. We have gathered eight explanations as to why our freshly polished nails are already looking drab. Some obvious and others surprising, read below to find out what’s causing your  nail polish to wear off far too soon, so you can avoid it in the future.

Nail Biting: Brought on by stress or nerves, biting your nails is one the most common ways to ruin your pretty polish. Try applying a no-bite polish on your nails to help wean you off this nasty habit.

Perfume: This bottle of good smells contains many of the same ingredients as nail polish remover and will start to wear away polish. Make sure to stay clear of spraying your scent too close to your nails.

Hair Spray: Similar to perfume, hair spray also has many chemicals like polish remover. Don’t go running your freshly painted nails through your sprayed hair.

Dishwashing: We bet you thought the dish gloves were just a fashion statement – but  soaking your hands in water for that long, mixed with dish soap will cause the polish to start lifting off the nail. Ergo, the dish gloves.

Sunscreen: While it’s a great protectant for your skin, it will ruin your polish. Sunscreen ingredients can soften nail polish and even dissolve acrylic nails. Yikes!

Household cleaning: Many cleaning products actually contain the nail polish removing acetone. When scrubbing the bathroom floors or applying that wood furniture finish, you may want to consider wearing gloves.

Showering: Ever wonder why you go into the shower with great looking nails and come out with chipped polish? Water absorbs into the nail bed causing polish to lift up. The same goes for swimming.

More Nail Polish: Believe it or not by adding a top coat of polish to already dry nails, the color will come off altogether if you touch them before they’re dry, so fingers off!

Source: stylecaster.com

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