DIY Treatments You Should to Leave to the Professionals

With the release of at-home gel manicure kits, whitening teeth devices and do-it-yourself keratin treatments, it’s getting easier and easier to bring the salon home. And with more autonomy, cheaper long-term costs and, obviously, the ability to stay at home (always a plus), it seems like there’s few downsides to taking a turn as the technician.

That is, unless you’re looking for results equivalent to what the same process would get you at the salon. As appealing as the DIY lifestyle can be, there are some treatments that are best left to the professionals—not just for the results, but also for your health.

Keratin/Anti Frizz Treatments

4If you try to do a keratin at home and you’re not trained, so many things could go wrong. Too high heat or too many strokes could result in burned or damaged hair, too much product creates a greasy build up, leaving bad results, and well-ventilated areas are required to avoid eye irritation.

What’s more, over-the-counter keratin products can contain varying amounts of formaldehyde. And depending on that unspecified percentage, you may, or may not, get what you pay for. It just might not give you any results as far as smoothing the hair and removing the frizz.

Gel Nail Polish

18856205_sSo while our DIY skills may be questionable at best, the lack of results for at-home treatments might not be entirely our fault (we’re glad, but also, that’s not cool). Along the same lines, untrained people using gel nail kits probably shouldn’t expect to replicate the salon effect.

Our Therapists at Hush do an extensive course for the nail so we know how to do things. There’s a trick to applying the nail polish because it has a tendency to shrink up, and there’s a process that they follow with the alcohol that’s better for the nails because they don’t want to cause any long-term damage. It’s probably fine to use at-home kits, the only thing we would say is it’s probably not going to last you the full two weeks. And we don’t think you’ll get that professional-looking result you’re looking for.


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