Fabulous Eye Treatments at HUSH Hair & Beauty, Birmingham

Make the most of your eyes with some fantastic beauty treatments at HUSH Hair & Beauty in Birmingham. We are experts in lash and brow tinting, brow shaping and lash extensions which are all designed to make your eyes and your face look spectacular.

Please note:  A patch test will be required 48 hours before lash and brow tinting.

Eye Trio – Lash & Brow Tinting plus Eyebrow Shaping

For the ultimate eye treatment, choose our Eye Trio service which includes eyebrow tint, eyebrow shape and eyelash tint.  We also offer these three services as stand-alone treatments.

lash extensions Eyebrow-tinting






Lash Tinting – Imagine the freedom of no more mascara. You will wake up each morning looking as if you are already wearing mascara… but without the smudges!  Lash tinting is particularly effective if you have naturally light or blonde eyelashes and is a great option for people with an active lifestyle or those who are sensitive to make-up. This is a quick and effective treatment for eyelashes which should retain their dynamic new colour for up to five weeks.

Eyebrow Tinting – Accentuate your eyebrows without the use of an eyebrow pencil.  An eyebrow tint can enhance the general appearance of your eyes.  As with Lash Tinting, adding colour to your eyebrows is a great beauty treatment for people with active lives, for those who have naturally light eyebrows and women who are sensitive to make-up.  Your beauty specialist will advise you on the best colour for your eyebrows depending on whether you want natural-looking eyebrows or dramatic brows.  The tint should last for up to eight weeks.

Eyebrow Shaping – Perfectly shaped eyebrows can really improve your facial features.  Ideal for men and women, brow shaping will give you a more groomed appearance and can enhance your eyes.  Your beauty therapist will look at your face and eye shape to help you determine the best shape for your face.  Brows are shaped using tweezers and waxing.  The benefits should last for up to 4 weeks.

High Impact Brows at HUSH Hair & Beauty in Birmingham

We can give you high impact eyebrows which are well groomed and perfectly defined with our specialist eyebrow service.  During your appointment your brows will be perfectly shaped, arched and tinted to suit your face shape and colouring.  If you have sparse eyebrows, we can also help with a re-growth programme to give you the perfect brows you’ve been dreaming of!

Lash Extensions at Top Birmingham Beauty Salon

We can give you fuller, longer, enhanced lashes with eyelash extensions at HUSH Hair & Beauty Salon in Birmingham.  Your lash extensions will be carefully applied one at a time onto your natural eyelash to give you the look you’re after.  Our beauty therapist can create natural looks and dramatic looks.  Your lash extensions can last, with care, for up to three weeks and we can remove them in the salon.   We also offer a lash tint service with your lash extensions treatment.


Eyebrow Shape £11
Eyebrow Threading £11
Eyebrow Shape & Tint £20
Eyebrow Tint £9
Eyelash Tint £18
Eye Trio (brow shape, brow tint, lash tint) £30
Hush Definition Brow £30
Individual Lash Extensions (classic look) £59
Individual Lash Extensions (hybrid look) £69
Lash Removal (add on service) £15
Lash Tint (add on service with lash extension treatment) £15
Party Lash £30
 A patch test is required 48 hours before all colour services to ensure there are no allergies.