Celebrity Hair Trends

Celebrity Hair Trends at HUSH Hair Salons in Birmingham

We know the hottest celebs are the top trendsetters, with fabulous hair that they seem to be changing up every other day! This means that the latest celebrity hair trends can be hard to keep up with, but that’s what our expert team at HUSH Hair Salons in Birmingham are here for. We keep up with the top trends for you and have even created a list of our favourite celebrity hairstyles to inspire your next visit to one of our salon. In fact, we have just opened a new location in Brindley Place so make sure to come check it out!

Brilliantly Bold Hair Colours

If you want to make an entrance any time you enter a room, why not try a beautiful bold hair colour? Taraji P. Henson shows us how it’s done with a neon pink hair colour with all eyes on her, we can’t look away she looks so fabulous! Turn heads with an eye-catching hair colour such as bright purple hair colour or bold blue hair colour. Since we are the hair colour experts in Birmingham, we can create whichever vivid hair colour has caught your eye. For those of you that want a bright pop of colour rather than an all-over bold colour, as your skilled colourist to apply your bright hair colour as highlights or balayage. We can also create a pretty pastel hair colour for a more subtle yet still fun fashion hair colour.

The Best Platinum Blonde Hair Colours

Do blondes have the most fun? Maybe it’s time to find out! Many of our favourite famous females have tried their hand at being a blonde bombshell at least once. Ariel Winter serves us a stunning platinum blonde hair colour, showing off just how beautiful being blonde can be. We are blonde hair specialists at HUSH Hair Salons in Birmingham, so we can create whatever beautiful blonde hair colour you are after – from white blonde hair colour to silver blonde hair shades, honey blonde tones & buttery blonde hair colours. Make sure to book in for a consultation so that we can discuss how long your journey to blonde hair will take. For those of you with dark hair, to get your hair to the blonde colour that you desire may take more than one appointment.

Casual Wavy Hairstyles

Let your hair loose and show your curly or wavy hair some love! Jennifer Garner looks fabulous with her causal wavy hairstyle, embracing her waves. Treat yourself and pamper your hair with a conditioning hair treatment or hair mask at HUSH Hair Salon in Fredrick Street & Brindley Place. The best way to achieve gorgeous curls & waves is to look after your hair – whether this is with a hair treatment, the right hair products (or ideally both!). If you’re unsure which products you should use for your curly or wavy hair, just ask our expert stylists who will be happy to recommend the right products for you and your hair type.

Fantastic Fringes

Changing up your hairstyle has never been easier – just add a fabulous fringe! Taylor Swift rocks her iconic fringe, which is something out of our Wildest Dreams, we just can’t Shake It Off and we hope this Love Story never ends! At HUSH Hair Salons in Birmingham, our skilled stylists will assess your face shape & features to find the perfect fringe for you. There are so many different fringes to choose from, such as curtain bangs, block fringes, wispy fringes, full fringes…the list goes on!

Short Hair & Shaved Undercuts

Transform your look like the top style icons with a short haircut! Zoe Kravitz looks gorgeous with her short buzz cut, and at HUSH Hair Salons, we can find a stunning short hair cut to suit you too. You don’t have to go as short as a buzz cut, pixie cropped hair cuts also look fabulous! If you’re not ready to chop it all of yet, you could try out a shaved undercut that involves one side, both sides, or the back underneath of your hair being shaved short. Short hair cuts are not only easy to manage & maintain, but they are also easy to style! Just ask your skilled HUSH stylist and they will show you just how easy it is to style your new short do.

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