Do you know swimming in pool can damage your hair? How can you reduce the damage?


We know swimming is a great workout for all your muscle groups and nothing is as refreshing as a dip in the swimming pool to beat the heat. But do you know what damage can that do to your hair and skin? Let’s look at the different factor:



Chlorine strips the oil out of your hair and makes it dry, matted, tangle, and rough? Chlorine also affects the cuticles, which is the outermost layer of your hair contributes to its shine, and makes it dull? Exposure to chlorine repeatedly can make your hair brittle, leading to problems like hair breakage and split-ends.

Light-coloured hair can turn green after using the pool; this is not due to the chlorine, but minerals like iron and copper in the water.

While swimming in an open pool, exposure to the sun is the downside. Reflective surfaces like water cause more sun damage. Sun exposure can also cause dryness of your skin.

What can we do?

Wet Your Hair
The most cost effective way to protect your hair from the pool is to wet your hair thoroughly under a shower before you jump in the pool, this will absorb less-chlorinated water.

Sunscreen Lotion
Apply a water-resistant sunscreen lotion on the face and other exposed areas 20 minutes prior to a swim, giving it time to be absorbed. . Apply a broad spectrum water-resistant and water-proof sunscreen lotion. Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is related to the duration of exposure and the degree of sun-sensitivity.

Hair Serum
Hair serum gives a layer of protection, also soften the locks. The TIGI Bed Head Some Like It Hot Resistant Serum is a heat and humidity resistant, scented serum with a formula that promises to smooth and add immense shine. As well as fighting the effects of humidity, it will also control frizz and protect hair colour.

Rich Conditioner
Use a creamy conditioner, massaging it lightly into the scalp. Leave it on for two minutes and then rinse with plain water. This helps to soften the hair and make it smooth and manageable. Anti-Snaps by Redken pprovides heat protection and helps prevent breakage and split ends.