Everything You Need to Make Your Hair Colour Last As Long As Possible

It’s easy to switch up hair colors constantly, but your hard-earned dye job will fade if you don’t put in some work. We gathered a few tips, before you go from blonde to brunette, on what you need to keep your color bright, longer.


Color-Safe Shampoo and Conditioner
If you’re going to buy one thing after a color, this is it. Permanent hair dye doesn’t mean it lasts forever, and washing your hair directly contributes to color fade. We recommend looking for something that’s gentle and obviously, holds that “color safe” tag of approval. Overall though, you should try to limit how much you wash your hair. As a rule, hot water opens the hair cuticle, and hair color can then wash out. Your hair fibers may already be damaged if you dye your hair regularly, so keeping that color will be even harder.

Our Pick: Pureology Shampoo and Conditioner, is a company that specifically caters to colored-treated hair. This new launch includes a UVA/UVB-blocking complex to fight color fade from the sun, along with marula oil, which is rich in antioxidants and helps smooth, condition, and fight off free radicals.

Heat Protectant Spray
cover2You should be using this whether you have color-treated hair or not. The heat protective spray and creams protect the hair and color from any hot tools—like a flat iron—that will dry out your hair and lift your color. Or leave-in conditioners can serve as substitutes, as they also protect from color fade caused by the sun, water, or heat tools.

Our Pick: Redken One United Spray. This multi-benefit hair treatment spray with 25 benefits that increase manageability, protection and beauty. This product not only protect your hair from heat damaged, it also help to seal hair cuticle which lock your colour in.


Hair Treatment
pro-fiber-loreal-soin-shampoing-masque-recharge-boutiqueWhen cuticles are damaged due to dryness, over heating, or over processed, they substances to pass through and either warp, fade, or wash out the color.  Having in salon hair treatment that repairs the cuticle will help keep hair moisturized and protected.

Our Pick: L’oreal Pro Fiber Treatment. This is L’oreal’s first long-lasting prolonged haircare programme for damaged hair which you can recharge your treatment at home.


Dry Shampoo
batiste-dry-shampoo-1350316949Remember that thing about not washing your hair so much? You’ll need dry shampoo to get through that. Spritzing on some dry shampoo in-between shampoos will absorb the oils at your scalp and help prevent fading because your hair won’t have as much contact with water. It’ll also help keep your hair hydrated—too much H20 can mean dry, brittle strands.

Our Pick: Batiste Dry Shampoo.  It’s less than £3, which means you can save up for that touch-up appointment.

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