Festival Hairstyles To Try This Summer

HUSH Hair Salon in Birmingham Share The Coolest Festival Hairstyles for 2019

If you’re getting ready for the summer, you might be looking for some cool festival hairstyles to make you stand out from the crowd. Here are HUSH Hair salon in Birmingham‘s top three favourite styles for festival hair, plus how you can try out every hair colour you’ve ever imagined!

Loreal Festival Hair

Festival Hairstyle Trend #1: Halo Braid

Halo BraidFestival hair has two jobs: not just to look pretty, but to be practical too! You’ll be running around,  dancing to your favourite artists, and you won’t necessarily have the opportunity to wash your hair often – you’ll want to keep your hair away from your face. Which is why we love any look with a braid to it, especially this halo braid!





Festival Hairstyle Trend #2: Vibrant Hair Colour

Pastel FestivalEver thought about what you’d look like with pink festival hair? A platinum bob or lavender waves? Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of daring a bright blond shade. At HUSH, our expert hair colour technicians can try an almost unlimited spectrum of colours – book your complimentary consultation today by calling us on 0121 634 3232.





Festival Hairstyle Trend #3: Half-Up, Half-Down Boho Waves

Boho WavesBoho waves are iconic at festivals, and with this style, you can show off your length and colour without the hair getting in your face! Plus, by keeping the top fairly smooth, you can minimise the appearance of oily build-up and keep the focus on the lower sections.

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