Stop Winter Frizz with £20 OFF Hair Smoothing

Protect Your Hair from Frizz & Breakage during Winter – Hair Care Tips from Hush Hair Salon in Birmingham

healthy winter hair ideas, birmingham hair salon Just like your skin, your hair can become dry and dehydrated during the cold winter months – which can make your hair prone to breakage and the dreaded frizz.  

We have some great tips to help you fight the frizz at Hush Hair Salon in Birmingham, PLUS a special saving on your first Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment at Hush Hair Salon.  Want to know more?  Call our experts on 0121 634 3232.

£20 off your first Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment at HUSH Hair Salon in Birmingham

Our Nanokeratin Treatment costs from £130 per treatment and the Ultimate Nanokeratin Treatment costs from £180, with the price including the treatment, maintenance blow dry, shampoo and conditioner.  But we’re offering you £20 OFF your first Nanokeratin treatment at our salon in Birmingham. This revolutionary hair styling treatment will last for between three and six months. Your hair will look and feel healthier and become easier to style.

Dry Wet Hair by Gently Rubbing with a Towel or… Cotton T-Shirt

Be kind to your hair, especially when it is wet.  Where possible, avoid blow drying your hair.  Instead, gently blot the moisture from your hair using an absorbent towel or even a cotton t-shirt!  If you have to blow dry your locks, make sure you aim the air blast down your hair and use an ionic hair dryer to keep your hair smoother.

Use a Metal Comb to Detangle Dry Hair

Avoid making your hair even more static and make sure you use a metal comb to detangle dry hair. 

Deep Condition Your Hair Once a Month to Avoid Frizzy Hair

Pop into Hush Hair in Birmingham to have your hair deep conditioned once a month.  We can find the perfect solution for your frizzy hair, so let our experts work their magic.

Add Hair Spray To Calm Down Frizzy Hair

Spray some hair spray directly onto your hair and also on the bristles of your hair brush or comb.  Run this through your hair to calm down frizzy or static hair.