The Fringe Is Back!

The Return Of The Fringe at HUSH Hair Salon in Birmingham 

The fringe is back with a vengeance in 2019 and we’re pretty sure we can find a fringe to suit all face shapes at HUSH hair salon in Birmingham!

Check out these celebrity looks and then book in for your hair appointment by calling the HUSH team on 0121 634 3232 or book online using the pop-up button to the side of this page. 

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Celebs Rocking a Fringe Hairstyle in 2019…

High profile celebrities including Bella Hadid, Halle Berry and Camilla Cabello are leading the way when it comes to adding a fringe to update their look. 

So, if you are stuck in a hair rut and fancy a bit of a change, there’s no better time to get a fringe. There is a surprising choice when it comes to fringes too. Micro fringes, side-sweeping fringes, roughly chopped fringes, curly fringes, wispy fringes, 1970s-inspired flicks are all possibilities and a brilliant way to update your hairstyle.

Camilla Cabello Opts for Casual Side-Sweeping Fringe

Singer Camilla Cabello looks stunning with her casual side-sweeping fringe.  

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Model Bella Hadid Rocks at Modern Short Side Fringe 

Models are renowned for updating their looks but we love this incredibly modern short side fringe that Bella Hadid is wearing. 

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Halle Berry’s Sexy Long Fringe

Actress Halle Berry looks sensational with her long fringe which can be worn swept to one side or straight down.  

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