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Choose from our complimentary Coffee or Tea Menu - or celebrate your brand new look in style with your favourite Soft Drink from the HUSH Menu for a fraction of the usual cost.

Drinks Amount
Green tea FOC
Peppermint tea FOC
Berry tea FOC
Earl grey tea FOC
Cappuccino FOC
Latte FOC
Hot chocolate FOC
Water FOC
Sanpellegrino Pomegranate 330ml £1.95
Sanpellegrino Sparkling Lemon 330ml £1.95
Sanpellegrino Sparkling Orange 330ml £1.95
Sanpellegrino Blood Orange 330ml £1.95
Coca Cola Glass Bottle 330ml £1.95
Diet Coke Glass Bottle 200ml £1.95
Fentimans Ginger Beer 275ml £1.95
Fentimans Victorian Lemonade £1.95
Fentimans Rose Lemonade £1.95
Alo Vera Strawberry Bottle 500ml £1.95
Alo Vera Mango Bottle 500ml £1.95
Appletiser Apple Juice 275ml £1.95
Orangina Glass Bottle 250ml £1.95