Hair Colour Techniques Explained

Hair Colour Guide At HUSH Hair Salon In Birmingham

Hair colour trends and techniques are ever evolving in the world of hairdressing. So, whether you’re new to hair colour or not, we’ve created an easy guide to explain everything to do with hair colour.

At HUSH Hairdressing Salon in Birmingham, our expert team are highly trained in the latest hair colouring techniques. If you’re not sure what to ask for, just bring in a picture of the hair colour you would like and our skilled colourists can create it for you. During your colour consultation, we will ask questions to find out what you want and we will explain the best way to look after your hair colour so that it lasts. For the best hair colour results, we use L’Oréal colour at our Brindley Place salon.

If you’ve had your hair done elsewhere and it’s gone wrong or you’ve had a DIY hair colour disaster, at HUSH Hair Salon we’re here to help. We’ve seen a lot of hair colour issues over the years, so we never judge and will work our magic to rectify your hair problems to return you to a hair colour that you love.

Please note: You must come in for a quick patch test at least 48 hours before your colour appointment to test for any allergies.


As the name suggest, ‘highlights’ refers to lightening sections of your hair using bleach or a colour that is lighter than your base hair colour. In contrast, ‘lowlights’ involve using darker tones to add depth and dimension to your hair colour. For a light, fine highlights, we can apply ‘babylights’ which mimic the appearance of a child’s sun-kissed hair. The ‘money piece’ involves face-framing highlights which tend to be blonde, but we can also apply them in fun fashion hair colours for a pop of colour!

There are different levels of coverage that you can ask for when it comes to highlights:

  • Full head – full coverage,
  • Half head – covers the top and sides of your hair,
  • Three-quarter head – covers the top, sides and crown of your hair.


Bleach is used to lighten the hair. A common misconception about bleach is that it will immediately turn any hair colour to blonde. However, this is not the case. If you have dark hair, then it is likely that you have will need more than one bleach to achieve the blonde hair colour you desire. Typically, a toner is applied after bleaching to remove any brassy tones to create the blonde shade you would like. When it comes to bleaching, you should always leave it to the professionals and trust the process to get the results you want!

Balayage & Ombré

Balayage and ombré are both hair colouring techniques which create a hair colour that is darker at the roots and lighter at the tips. The difference in these techniques is the effect that they create.

Balayage involves hand-painting highlights throughout the hair for a sun-kissed, bespoke hair colour. Blonde balayage is a top hair colour trend, however, we can create balayage in whatever hair colour you would like – including fun, fashion hair colour.

Ombré creates an all-over colour gradient from dark to light and can also be created using vivid hair colours or pastel hair colours.

Another hair colour technique which creates a similar effect to both ombré and balayage is root smudge. This involves using a darker colour at the root and dragging it down to get rid of any demarcation lines between the darker and lighter hair colours.

Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

If you’re new to hair colour and want to try a different hair colour without the commitment of a permanent hair colour, then a semi-permanent hair colour is for you. Semi-permanent hair colours fade with each wash and tend to last up to eight weeks. This means you can try out lots of hair colours, which is great for people who like to change up their look often.

It’s important to note that your base hair colour will affect how vividly the hair colour applied will show up. The hair colour will appear more noticeably on lighter hair than on darker hair. To make sure that we can achieve the hair colour that you want, book in for a colour consultation at HUSH Hairdressing Salon.

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