How To Stay Motivated During Lockdown

HUSH Salons in Birmingham Share 5 Ways To Stay Motivated While Social Distancing

Nothing about this time is normal – and whilst there’s no pill for coping with a pandemic, we’re still reaching out for little things that offer support and motivation.

Whether you’re in the kitchen trying out new recipes, streaming a yoga class, shaking and dancing, walking with your kids: it’s important that you do what you can to move, release some energy, and take care of your mind & body during this unprecedented time. 

If you, like many of us, have hit a ‘pandemic-plateau’ lately and are in need of some serious inspiration, we’ve put together some of our top tips for staying sane and motivated during lockdown…

Manage Stress1. Manage Your Stress & Anxiety

You may find yourself experiencing more stress, anxiety and even grief at this time. Thankfully, there are some wonderful tools out there that can help us process such difficult emotions, including some brilliant (and FREE!) podcasts. Why not try ‘Owning It: The Anxiety Podcast’ by Caroline Foran – a practical, relaxed series with everything you need to hear to get on top of your anxiety.


Move Your Body2. Keep It Movin’

Whilst it may seem an impossible task to peel yourself off the couch and step away from the biscuit tin – it really is a challenge worth undertaking. Countless studies have linked exercise with immune-boosting benefits and overall well-being. If you can, try going for a quick lap around the block or stream a free workout from PopSugar on YouTube.


Create a Space3. Create Your Own Zen Space

Has your house has turned into a home office, gym, restaurant, bar, school or all of the above? Lockdown has meant that, for a lot of us, there are not only financial strains to contend with – there are plenty of distractions at home that can leave you feeling a little more than overwhelmed. Our top tip? Create your own little zen area, a sanctuary, and adorn it with your favourite candle or reed diffuser – scents can truly transform the energy of a room.


Stay Connected4. Stay Connected

Whilst ‘Zoom-Fatigue’ is an all too real phenomenon, it’s important that you stay connected to your friends, family and loved ones at this time. Reach out to them and share your experiences thoughts and feelings. Chances are – they’re feeling the same. 


Take a Break5. Take. A. Break.

Pencilling in some ‘me-time’ for reading, meditation or listening to your favourite music can really bring some joy to an otherwise stressful, challenging day. Even if it means simply running a bath, lighting a few candles and popping on a face mask – it’s important to give yourself some time to rest. A wine glass at the side of the tub? Optional. 


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