How Easy Is It To Change Your Hair Colour?

Changing Your Hair Colour at HUSH Hair Salon in Birmingham 

So, you’ve decided to change your hair colour? Congratulations – it’s the perfect way to add a major pop to your look (especially if you opt for a bold hue!), and express your personality to boot.  

If you’re wondering how easy it is to change your hair colour, the simple answer is that it’s easy, very easy – when you leave it to the experts at HUSH Hair Salon in Birmingham, that is!

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The team of highly trained colour technicians at HUSH are among the best in the country when it comes to hair colour, and are here to ensure your hair colour transformation goes off without a hitch. We have three in-house L’Oréal Colour Specialists at our top Birmingham hair salon – so you can be sure your hair is in safe hands with us!

So without further ado, find out all you need to know about changing your hair colour below – including everything from grey coverage to dramatic hair colour transformations…

Going From Brunette to Blonde

Simply put: a transformation isn’t going to happen overnight. The good news is that the expert team at HUSH are here to help! If you are a brunette and wish to go blonde, there are many avenues to take, and it is a stylist’s job to determine the best processes that suits you and protect the condition of your hair.

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If you have light brown hair, going from this colour to blonde will require lifting your colour a level or two. This needs to happen in order to lighten your hair so that it’s a more receptive base coluor for blonde dye. Before jumping straight to the colour, you should start with a cooler undertone of blonde. Then you can make your way to a buttery hue. You’ll probably need two visits to make hair magic happen.

If you have super-dark brown hair, a slightly warmer hue may accent your features better than platinum blonde (but if that’s your heart’s desire, totally go for it!). Also, keep in mind that in order to transform from super-dark to super-light, you’re looking at a handful of appointments at our top Birmingham hair colour salon. And since you can’t go one day after the next – you have to give your hair a rest for a week or so in between dye jobs – you’re looking at a pretty extended process.

Once you’ve achieved your ideal blonde hair color, make sure that you give it the extra TLC it deserves. Wondering where to start? Add shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask formulated for coloured hair to your hair care routine. Try the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Blonde Shampoo, L’Oréal Paris EverPure Blonde Conditioner, and L’Oréal Paris EverPure Blonde Shade Reviving Treatment to help neutralize the appearance of unwanted brassy tones – all available to by from our hair salon in Birmingham.

Going From Blonde to Brunette

No matter your skin tone, there’s a brunette hue for you at HUSH. Fair skin will suit slightly warmer tones, while people with a darker complexion will suit ashier tones. Your specific hair type should also influence your new brown hair colour. Depending on the desired effect, a block colour will be a solid rich tone great for fine hair, and on most people it can bring out your best features – your eyes, and your skin colour. If you have thick hair, a highlighted shade will create dimension and texture.

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To prevent fading and to keep your locks looking salon fresh, make sure you limit the amount of times you wash your hair each week, keep blow-drying and straightening to a minimum and use L’Oreal professional haircare for best results. Your HUSH stylist will recommend the best products available to buy at our salon in Birmingham.

Going From Brunette to Red

When making the switch from Brunette to Red hair colour, it’s vital you take your skin tone into account so that you can pair it with its perfectly complementary shade of red. Here are some basic colour tips to follow:

If you have light skin: Anything from strawberry and copper to a bright orange-red will look fab. When you have light skin, you want to avoid super-deep hues because they can look too harsh and may cause you to look paler than you may want.

If you have medium skin: The more pigments your skin has, the more highly pigmented shades of red you can rock. Just remember that warmer shades will look better than cooler ones because they’ll be able to really brighten up your features. When selecting your perfect shade, think along the lines of golden red, deep copper, and gorgeous auburn hues.

If you have dark skin: The darker your skin, the more you can don blue and purple-based red tints. That means berry and wine-hued dyes will be showstoppers on you.

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If the colour you choose is lighter or more vibrant than your current hue, you will need to have your hair lifted (a.k.a. lightened) first. The darker your starting colour, the more lifting you’ll require. Rest assured, the team of hair colour professionals at HUSH will make sure you get the gorgeous red results you want.

Colouring Your Hair With a Pastel Fashion Colour

If you’re dreaming of fantasy hair colors such as soft pastels or bold, bright pink, but worry the trend will fade? Turns out, the fashion hair color frenzy is growing stronger than ever! Clients of all ages at HUSH who never thought they could make the leap are now asking for lavender, cotton candy pink or silver hair. 

Fashion colours can take different amounts of time; it all depends on your current hair colour, hair length, thickness and hair colour history. The first thing you should know about fashion colors is that most of them are not applied to brown hair. Generally, your hair has to be pre-lightened – otherwise known as bleached – for these colours to appear as vibrant and clear as they appear in pictures. The lighter you want the fashion colour, the more your existing colour must be lifted first.

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Your HUSH stylist will give you an in-depth analysis and a clear idea of how long the process will take during your complimentary consultation. Read our full article about the pros and cons of colouring your hair a crazy fashion colour here.

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